Why You Start Smiling More – Starting Right Now

You don’t need a reason to smile.

Not many know this, but smiling is actually an extremely powerful act with amazing psychological and physiological benefits. As you’ll soon see, you don’t even need a reason to smile or only restrict it to when you are happy!

Here are 7 compelling reasons why you need to start smiling right away.

1. Smiling Makes You Happy

Some people think that you should smile only when you’re happy. In fact a study conducted by the University of Cardiff in Wales found that even trying to “fake a smile” when you’re not actually happy can stimulate the brain into reducing stress, lowering heart rate and promoting feelings of happiness.

What’s crazy about this is that you can “trick” yourself into being happy simply by brandishing a smile! That’s because your brain automatically assumes that humour is happening whenever you smile.

2. Smiling Can Increase Your Immunity

“Just the physical act of smiling can make a difference in building your immunity,” says Dr. Murray Grossan (an ENT-otolaryngologist). The phrase “laughter is the best medicine” isn’t just an expression, but there’s scientific studies which show that it actually helps to improve blood flow, immune response, blood sugar levels and relaxation/sleep.

3. Smiling Is a Contagious

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. Your smile is possibly one of the strongest weapon in your arsenal that you can carry around with you. The great thing is that being positive is contagious and your smile spreads that feelings of happiness to those around you as well.

4. Smiling Helps to Reduce Stress

Another study conducted on the psychology of stress found that when faced with stressful situations, individuals who smiled more had lower heart rates compared to those that didn’t.

5. Smiling Aids Better Communication

Ever had a conversation with a person who was just monotonous and unexcited about whatever they were saying (remember that grumpy old physics teacher…)? The truth is nobody likes to talk to someone who’s too serious and unhappy all the time. Make sure you don’t be that grumpy guy and start smiling when you talk to someone – the effects can be real powerful!

6. You’ll Create Better Relationships

It follows that if you smile when interacting with others you’ll also build better relationships. This may be pretty straightforward, but stop to think if you actually do that on a daily basis?

I’ve seen families that don’t smile at each other for a week straight, mostly complaining about things or nagging at each other. If only they knew that smiling more could have helped them build more positivity and foster stronger bonds.

7. Smiling Is Cheaper Than Anti-Aging Products

A study conducted on psychology and aging found that people with happy faces are identified as looking younger and more appealing. Who need’s to spend hundreds of dollars on anti-aging cream when a smile is FREE. Its time to embrace your youthful appearance and start smiling away!

Trying to find a reason to smile? Fret not! All you need to do really is to just start smiling right now and things will start to get better.

Here’s a small life hack that I’ve tried out and it’s giving me amazing results!

😊 I've actually set a timer every hour on my mobile phone to remind me to smile throughout the day. Even when I'm stuck in the middle of traffic or rushing through my work, I've found that it really helps me to calm down and relieve my stress. You should try it out too! 

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