5 Powerful Tips to Stay Positive During Lockdown

As the global pandemic situation is constantly evolving, many of us have also taken the onus to enhance our productivity while staying home. The world as we know has spun off tangent for many of us and the immense impact it has on our lives and daily routines make it seem quite difficult to emerge positive.

News we see or hear are mostly associated with the topic on the virus and how it is affecting other cities and countries. Businesses, economies and affected lives are the key topics of focus. With all that, it becomes easy to get sucked in to a whirlwind of negativity and the potential long-term changes it might bring.

It is important that we learn how to draw the line between understanding about the pandemic situation and getting negativity affected by each news article. While we are staying home and playing our part to keep our loved ones safe, it is also extremely important for all of us to stay positive and fight this together.

Here is how you can master positivity to help you stay strong during this lockdown!

1. Laughter: The Best Medicine

Being Happy | 5 Powerful Tips to Stay Positive During Lockdown

It is extremely easy to lose yourself in one too many articles on the dangers of the coronavirus because of all the flashy headlines. Let’s be honest, every single time you pick up your phone, push notifications are sent to your phone to keep you “updated” on the virus situation.

Now that you are aware of this cycle of fear, strive to actively avoid spending every waking moment looking up 24-hour news channels or shady articles from the internet. It’s time to turn all those negative energies into positive vibrations that actually benefit you.

It begins by setting a simple intention at the start of the day to laugh more, and then incorporate laughter into your morning routine. My morning routine is playing with my dog and kids because they never fail to make me laugh! It doesn’t have to be very long, but the simple act of consciously trying to be happy will produce huge results for the rest of your day.

If you have neither dog or kid, what you can do is to search for a funny video or read the funny section in the newspaper. I’m also following a couple of comics on Instagram who’s content really resonates well with me. The whole point is to indulge in your “happy pill” at the start of the day to set the mood for what comes after.

2. Support Your Local Businesses

Support Local Businesses | 5 Powerful Tips to Stay Positive During Lockdown

Since the lockdown, we can see many businesses getting hard hit. In particular, there is the closing down of many restaurants and cafes across countries, and small businesses are the almost always the ones which are hardest hit. Not only are they struggling to keep the restaurant in business, but also trying to provide for their staff.

Here, you can play your part too, by supporting your favorite local businesses! All it takes is for you to budget your expenses so you can pamper yourself for one (or more) indulgent meal, and you can play your part to help small businesses survive too.

3. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness | 5 Powerful Tips to Stay Positive During Lockdown

We all know that doing a good deed has a multiplier-effect; it not only benefits the person you are helping, but it also uplifts your spirits as well! However in this current pandemic situation, you might wonder, how do we do any random acts of kindness if we are isolated – especially if we are living alone?

Random acts of kindness can happen in any situation! You are not limited to physically being there in order to perform an act of kindness – we can recap on the previous point and in the process of supporting our favorite local business, we can also think of paying-it-forward by buying a meal for our delivery partner. Or even placing a surprise order for a friend or relative.

There are so many ways we can do a random act of kindness if you just try. Even making breakfast for your partner or buying some groceries for your neighbor and dropping it by their door counts!

4. Cultivate New Hobbies

Exercise from home | 5 Powerful Tips to Stay Positive During Lockdown

Now that we are at home at all times, it somehow seems like there is an abundance of time. As each day gets more repetitive, some might find that everyday becomes a question of how to pass the time effectively and not give into lying on the couch the entire day.

Some see crisis, whilst others see opportunity. In fact, now is the best time to work on everything you didn’t have time for in the past due to lack of time!

Pick up a new hobby or go back to an old one, entertain yourself and stay happy during this lockdown. Understand that this is a time of crisis, not a vacation. While you make time for new hobbies like cooking, baking, painting and more, it is also wonderful if you take time out to upskill yourself.

The worse thing we can do right now is sink into meaningless activities and stagnate. Instead of that, look into courses where you can participate in distance learning and unveil or close any skills gap you may have to ensure that your career progression and career goals.

Also don’t forget to stay fit during this period! You might not have your usual gym equipment but there’s plenty of exercises that you can do from home to keep healthy.

5. Tune In To Your Feelings

Tune In To Your Feelings | 5 Powerful Tips to Stay Positive During Lockdown

Last but not least, don’t forget to do things for yourself!

Why not take this time as the perfect chance for self-improvement and reflection. Whilst everyone might be wasting away their time on Netflix, you could be busy working on yourself and building positive self-image that is ready to take on the world once the lockdown ends.

Let’s not get overwhelmed with anxiety and remember that not everything that’s happening right now is bad or depressing. Depending on which you prefer, start or close your day, with a positive acknowledgment of something you accomplished, learned or are grateful for. Resolve to do daily positive affirmations, maintain a gratitude challenge and continue to set intentions that allow you to evolve as a person!

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