Studies Show That Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight Better

You know the saying “water is life”? Well turns out that it actually plays an important role in almost all of our bodily functions.

The benefits of water doesn’t just stop at sustaining life. In fact, recent studies have shown that drinking plenty of water can help with weight loss efforts because it helps to boost satiety (satiating hunger cravings) and boosts your metabolism.

A study conducted by the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research studied the effects of drinking water above the required daily intake and it’s effects on weight management on overweight women. The result was that drinking 500ml of water before meals 3 times a day resulted in significant reduction in body weight and body fat.

Not only that, but drinking water half an hour before meals also serves as an effective way to curb excessive food cravings as it makes you feel more satiated and hence consume lesser calories before meal times – especially so for older age groups.

Consuming too little water can affect your mental and physical well-being causing you to be less effective in completing daily tasks.

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