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Start Thinking of “Being Healthy” Instead of Trying to “Be Skinny”

So many people start with the idea that being fit is to look slim and skinny. In fact just the other day, I heard my mum exclaim that she needed to get “fit” and “drop ten pounds right now!”.

The truth is many people start their fitness journey because they want to change the way they look and how they feel about themselves when other people look at them. That’s completely fine, but its also important to not be too obsessed with the wrong goals.

There’s no denying the role society plays in shaping our perception of what being “fit” means. From over-the-top fitness influencers we see all over Instagram to the stunning models used in commercials plastered all over the country, my fear is that this behavior tends to build a lot of insecurity.

Yet, its important to also our quality of life and being healthy instead of just trying to get rid of that stubborn belly fat or gaining big muscles.

A narrow-minded focus on our appearance can lead to negative effect on our mental health and overall wellness. If we focus on trying to be healthier and living a more mindful life, then our weight will naturally adjust – and so to our perception of ourselves.

Start building the foundation of your fitness journey today with a healthy mindset! Don’t worry too much about what other people say, and if they only have negative things to say that’s usually because these folk are pretty insecure about themselves.

A healthy life starts with a healthy mindset!

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