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Watch This 95-Year Old Gymnast Grandma Crush A Full Gymnastics Routine

Johanna Quaas is the oldest living gymnast in the world and a physical embodiment of the phrase “age is merely a number”.

The amazing thing is that Quaas only started training gymnastics at the age of 57, and she’s been crushing routines and winning hearts all over the world ever since.

Here’s a video of her at the age of 91 in her signature green outfit knocking out a gymnastic routine to the amazement of the crowd.

Her unrelenting determination and positive attitude helped her to achieve the title of “Oldest Gymnast” in the Guinness Book of Records when she was at the age of 86.

Being old and more susceptible to injury doesn’t faze Quaas as she holds the differing perspective that gymnastics helps her to maintain her age and keep physically fit.

There’s no denying the passion in her heart still burns brightly despite weathering through many years.

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